This sculpture consists of a structure made of wood hoops joined by rope. Once the structure is made, it is covered with sackcloth and then covered with hemp. On the inside is a swing where you can observe the outside without being watched.

Crisálida in Progress
Crisálida Interior
Crisálida Exterior


This sculpture is a ‘mobile’ which consists of multiple small chrysalis,
made of white silk, hanging from a tree branch.

Metamorphosis I
Metamorphosis II
Metamorphosis III


This sculpture consists of three structures made by branches that are joined with thread ‘one-by-one’, creating different shapes. Subsequently, the sackcloth is stitched up to the branches and eventually the whole structure is covered with layers of hemp and raw beeswax.

Conexiones I
Conexiones II
Conexiones III
Conexiones IX
Conexiones X
Conexiones VIII
Conexiones IV
Conexiones V
Conexiones VI
Conexiones VII
Conexiones XI
Conexiones XII
Conexiones XIII
Conexiones XIV
Conexiones XV
Conexiones XVI
Conexiones XVII
Conexiones XVIII


This sculpture is a mold of a seed founded in India.
Once the mold is made, it is filled with copper thread and wax.

Germinal I
Germinal II
Germinal III
Germinal IV
Germinal V


This art installation consists of different shapes hanging, connected by pipes to other shapes on the ground. Made of sackcloth covered with layers of hemp and bees wax.

Transformaciones I
Transformaciones II
Transformaciones III
Transformaciones IV
Transformaciones VI
Transformaciones VII

Brain Matter

This sculpture is a mixed media of wax, hemp, copper and acrylic.

Germinal I